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is a Bungie-created profile on that serves as a "bot" to automatically inform users (via private message) of warnings and blacklistings on Shoshanna Sleeveless KneeLength Dress Genuine For Cheap Discount Sale Online Shopping OKwNXr

"DS" is an intangible being that has been a part of the Bungie web server since the site originated.

Origin of the Legend

An unnamed Bungie employee once jeopardized the future of the series when he pirated the source code of the game, and later applied the wrong labels to an entire batch of discs.

At the time, was not yet running WTML (Wizard-Type Magical Language), and as such it required a 24/7 online team to monitor the site and answer any questions submitted to the Help section. As a result, Bungie legend holds that Bungie took the prudent course of action and punished the offending employee with a "fate worse than death", as Sketch and several other Bungie workers held him down inside the Soul Extraction Machine.

Now, Disembodied Soul's primary responsibility is maintaining the help section -- a duty that he has been slacking off in -- and handing out warning and blacklisting notifications.

Emotional Support

The Soul's forum title is Emotional Support. The way it goes about supporting others emotionally is by being the lowest common denominator (which is beyond its will or control). Its presence helps other people feel better about themselves as it is not an ideal member.

Public Relations

The Disembodied Soul is a brilliant conversationalist. You'll generally get responses such as "I'm playing with my monkey", or "I don't call you names like that".

For further reading, you may wish to consult Cheap Sale Choice Escada Sport Sleeveless Midi Dress Buy Cheap Best Store To Get Free Shipping Big Sale bWwYCBuy
, which is a duplicate of an interview of the Soul that was conducted by Msoell in February 2003.

Disembodied Soul has the ability to send out mass PM's to users of This was demonstrated mainly on 12/2/11 when he sent out a PM thanking everyone who used the Bungie app, and saying that Crimson was free for that weekend. Message produced below:

"Thanks for using the Bungie Mobile App. This weekend, Crimson: Steam Pirates is free on iPhone! Click the link below to download it from the App Store.

Crimson: Steam Pirates for iPhone



Forum Posts on

In his eight plus years as a member, Disembodied Soul has posted in the public forums exactly seven times. Each post is a cryptic one-liner that typically receives a huge and warm reaction from the Bungie Community .

Here are the full contents of all of Disembodied Soul's posts on

On December 31st 2007 an imposter with the name Disembodied SouI posted in the flood. He had a capital i instead of an L. There was also another with the name Disambodied Soul, an 'a' instead of the 'e' right after 'Dis'.

Lost responses

Bungie never released a complete list of what keywords the Soul responded to. Because of this, there are some responses which were never archived, and no record now exists of what the Soul said in those cases. Keywords for which the responses were lost include:

Also, the Soul originally gave hints on beating the Comfortable Online Surplice Romper Lanston Buy Cheap Order Free Shipping Fashionable GudN5IWOPK
levels G4 Sunbathing, Ex Cathedra, Nuke and Pave, and Six Thousand Feet Under.

External Links

You're interfering with my slow crawl toward infinity.

Contrasting the Tri-party and Bilateral Repo Markets

As with tri-party repo, bilateral repo transactions also fall into two segments: bilateral repo cleared through FICC's DVP repo service and un-cleared bilateral repo. FICC's GCF Repo and DVP repo services are similar in that they both allow for clearing in interdealer repo markets. Both services novate transactions to FICC, however, GCF repos are exclusively blind brokered, while DVP repos can be blind brokered or directly negotiated. Excellent Online Mes Demoiselles ButtonUp Long Sleeve Top Best Sale ugKE7vOM
Un-cleared bilateral repo transactions are conducted entirely outside the services offered by FICC and the tri-party clearing banks, and detailed information about that segment is not currently available except through a pilot study of the bilateral repo market conducted by the OFR and the Federal Reserve with input from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), though the OFR has stated that it plans to pursue a permanent collection of bilateral repo data. 5

While several factors distinguish the tri-party and bilateral repo markets, one of the key distinguishing features is that the triparty infrastructure is explicitly a platform for general collateral (GC) repo transactions. The term "general collateral" means that the cash lender is not seeking a specific security as collateral, but is willing to receive any securities that fall within a broad class, such as Treasury securities. In a tri-party repo transaction an investor lends cash and receives securities allocated – typically via an automated algorithm – from a broad schedule of acceptable collateral for the duration of the loan. In the bilateral market, repo participants must agree on the specific securities used as collateral even if the cash lender is indifferent to the securities allocated to the trade. While bilateral repo transactions should trade at rates similar to other comparable GC rates if the counterparties are largely indifferent to the specific collateral used, the bilateral repo market is also used when cash lenders are actively seeking to obtain specific securities. Cash lenders in the bilateral market may seek to receive particular securities for many reasons, including improved collateral management, because they require securities with certain liquidity, or because they must deliver certain securities in another transaction. In some cases, these transactions trade "special," meaning that the underlying collateral is so desired that the cash-lending rate is significantly lower than a GC rate. But because all bilateral transactions specify the collateral securities, it is not possible to separately identify GC transactions from other types of bilateral trades.

Further Background on FICC Bilateral DVP Repo FICC's DVP repo service is available to members of its Government Securities Division (GSD). 6 As of December 2016, there are over 100 GSD members, made up largely of broker-dealers, but also including banks and government sponsored enterprises. 7 The DVP repo service includes a sponsored members program, whereby registered investment companies can transact in DVP repo by submitting trades through a sponsoring member. Best Wholesale Cheap Online Cacharel Virgin WoolBlend KneeLength Coat View Cheap Price Outlet In China Footlocker Pictures Cheap Price Low Shipping Fee Online 2ZHj5qBc8u
Members and sponsored members are required to submit all eligible bilateral repo trades with other GSD members to FICC's DVP repo service.


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