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/ domingo 1 de julio de 2018

El voto millennial podría decidir la elección de este 1 de julio.

POR Patricia López Núñez

Los millennials representan casi el 43% del electorado queretano para esta elección, una alta cifra comparada con otros rangos de edad. Se trata de jóvenes que nacieron entre 1983 y el año 2000 y que reúnen diversas características, como una sobreexposición permanente a la información en las redes sociales y muchos de ellos votarán por primera vez este domingo.

En el listado nominal local, conformado por un millón 582 mil 953 electores, los millennials significan más de 677 mil 190 de los electores que votarán este 1 de julio. De ellos, poco más de 69 mil jóvenes emitirán su voto por primera vez en su vida.

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En términos generacionales, estos jóvenes representan una gran parte del listado nominal de Querétaro, ya que si se hace una segmentación más amplia del electorado, las personas que tienen entre los 35 y los 59 años de edad representan el 43.61 por ciento de la población electoral, más 690 mil electores, ligeramente arriba de los millennials.

Con estas cifras, Querétaro se encuentra en una situación similar al del resto del país, ya que el 40% del listado nacional se conforma por jóvenes que entran en la categoría de millennials y representan alrededor de 40 millones de jóvenes.

Julio César Sánchez, impulsor del proyecto Elector Exigente en el proceso electoral de 2015, resaltó que no hay un acuerdo o definición clara del rango de edad de los millennials, pero sí se establece un periodo entre 1983 y el año 2000, esa población representa casi el 43% del electorado estatal.

“Estamos hablando de 677 mil 190 electores. Un electorado que no está lejos de ser la mitad del total de los votantes para el 1 de julio. A nivel nacional hay un comportamiento muy similar, Querétaro no se separa, particularmente, de la media nacional, no hay una diferencia sustantiva en términos del peso de la lista nominal al que hay en otros estados”, resaltó.

Sin una clasificación precisa sobre el rango de edad o las fechas exactas de su generación, los millennials podrían definir a las autoridades del estado y del país para los próximos años, por lo que muchas de las campañas de candidatos se hicieron a través de las redes sociales.

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Una gran parte de estos jóvenes se ubican en la zona conurbada de Querétaro, que en términos generales agrupa a un alto porcentaje del electorado. Los municipios de Querétaro, San Juan del Río, Corregidora y El Marqués concentran al 74.1% de los registros en la lista nominal definitiva sin tomar en cuenta el rango de edad y solamente el municipio de Querétaro agrupa al 45.8% de ese listado.

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Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, MS, RD, LD, CDE on April 5, 2017 — Written by Jennifer Purdie

Posterior pelvic tilt and posture

Posterior pelvic tilt and posture

Body imbalances often occur from a lack of movement, especially for people who sit most of the day. This lack of movement contributes to:

All of these factors can cause a posterior pelvic tilt. This is when your Official Online Dolce amp; Gabbana Distressed MidRise Jeans Reliable Sale Online Free Shipping For Nice Best Online Buy Cheap For Nice f8hY2
tuck inwards and the upper body rounds back.

Like an anterior pelvic tilt, where the lower back arches inward, a posterior pelvic tilt puts a lot of stress on your lower back. This can eventually lead to pain all over the body, including sciatica , which is pain that runs down the back of one of your glutes or thighs.

It’s possible to correct a posterior pelvic tilt with exercise. Learn five exercises you can do to help create strong leg and abdominal muscles to improve your posture.

Read more: 5 easy foam roller exercises »

Leg lunges

Lunges build up your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Strong leg muscles can help correct a posterior anterior lift by preventing any one muscle from dominating.

Caution: Do not bend your knees past your toes, which can hurt your knees. If you have bad knees, you may want to skip lunges and work on other leg exercises instead.


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Static hamstring stretch

Hamstrings are the three back muscles on your legs. Sitting and standing for a long time can cause them to get tight, which may lead to bad posture. Weak hamstrings will also put your body into a less stable position.

Caution: You can pull your back muscle if you go down too far into the stretch. Make sure you don’t overdo it. If a chair is too difficult for you, try moving this exercise to the floor.

Read more: Lunge alternatives to try »

Superman stretch

This exercise is called the “superman” because it looks like a superhero in flight. It can help strengthen your lower back and gluteus maximus muscles connected to your pelvis.

Caution: If you have a bad back, it’s best to skip this exercise. You also may want to lay a towel or a mat down on the floor to make this exercise more comfortable.

Leg raises

Leg raises are a simple exercise you can do to strengthen your core, which gives your body the ability to stand up straighter. You can also practice crunches in place of leg raises to build your core.

Marketo Developers

Marketo’s REST APIs are authenticated with 2-legged OAuth 2.0. Client IDs and Client Secrets are provided by custom services that you define. Each custom service is owned by an API-Only user which has a set of roles and permissions which authorize the service to perform specific actions. An access token is associated witha single custom service. Access token expiration is independent of tokens associated with other custom services that may be present in an instance.


Creating an Access Token

The Client ID and Client Secret are found in the Admin > LaunchPoint menu by selecting the custom service, and clicking View Details.

Client ID Client Secret

The Identity URL is found in the Admin > Web Services menu in the REST API section.

Identity URL

Create an access token using an HTTP GET request like so:


If your request was valid, you will receive a JSON response similar to the following:


Response Definition

When making calls to REST API methods, an access token must be included in every call in order for the call to be successful.

There are two methods that you can use to include a token in your calls, as an HTTP header, or as a query string parameter:

1. HTTP Header

Authorization: Bearer cdf01657-110d-4155-99a7-f986b2ff13a0:int

2. Query Parameter


Managing access token expiration is important to ensure that your integration works smoothly and prevents unexpected authentication errors from occuring during normal operation. When designing authentication for your integration, be sure to store the token and expiration period contained in the Identity response.

Prior to making any REST call, you should check the validity of the token based on its remaining lifespan. If the token is expired, then renew it by calling Low Cost For Sale Pre Order Cheap Online Donna Karan Structured Wool Jacket Pay With Visa Cheap Online Fast Delivery Online XzDFrxUhj
endpoint. This will help ensure that your REST call never fails due to an expired token. This helps you manage the latency of your REST calls in a predictable fashion, which is crucial for end-user-facing applications.

If an expired token is used to authenticate a REST call, the REST call will fail and return a 602 error code. If an invalid token is used to authenticate a REST call, a 601 error code will be returned. If either of these codes are received, the client should renew the token by calling Identity endpoint.

If you call the Identity endpoint before your token has expired, the same token and the remaining lifespan will be returned in the response.



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